Readings, Performances & Interviews


2017• Erica Liest Reading Series, Freiburg, Germany
2015• ]trash[pool #6 Release Party, Tübingen, Germany
2010• Gypsy House Reading Series, Denver, Colorado, USA
• Lost Roads & Horse Less Presses Reading, Denver, Colorado, USA
• Stars Are Symbols Reading & Exhibition, Denver, Colorado, USA
2006• Rec Room Reading Series, Chicago, Illinois, USA


2023Performance: “Indeterminate Cage Lecture,” and “Undermining the Operation,” Klangspaziergang, Dießen, Germany
2022• Performance: “Indeterminate Cage Lecture,” un-sound@JOS, un-sound eV and Jos Fritz Café, Freiburg, Germany

• Performance: “Indeterminate Cage Lecture,” Working Silence, un-sound eV, Freiburg, Germany
2006• Film: Interkosmos, Jim Finn, director, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2005• Theatre: Windmilled: Tilting at Don Quixote with The Neofuturists in the PAC/edge Festival, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2004• Theatre: Windmilled: Tilting at Don Quixote with The Neofuturists at The Neofuturarium, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2001• Film: Nebraska Supersonic, Jeremy Lerman, director, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


2019• “the Channel: a magazine of arts, creative and critical writing by and for the Sussex community,” Sussex, England
2009• “RadioHodgePodge,” WXOJ 103.3 FM, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
2005• “The Lit Show,” WNUR 89.3 FM, Evanston, Illinois, USA